The year 2016 has been quite a great year for India’s Test Captain, Virat Kohli, as he went on to grab his third double century in India’s last Test match against England where he had a run of 235.

However, one thing he is yet to do is to score the highest number of double centuries in a calendar year.

However, Sunil Gavaskar, batting maestro is of the belief that the sensational star can reach that record in India’s fifth Test match against England to hold in Chennai.

The record of four double centuries in a year is held by Michael Clarke, former captain of the Australian Team. Kohli has 3 double centuries to his name, one shy of Clarke’s record and Gavaskar has expressed his confidence in the Indian skipper’s ability to extend his dominant show to the Test match in Chennai, finish the year on a high note, and join Clarke’s exclusive club.

Steve Smith believes Glenn Maxwell should avoid unconventional Cricket

Steve Smith believes Glenn Maxwell can’t be asked to totally distance himself from unconventional Cricket as he is better than a lot of players in terms of batting-creativity, but, he must choose the right moment to use that skill of his.

As per Smith, if Maxwell comes to the centre and finds more fielders being stationed backward of square on the off side than general for the switch shots that he can play, it means the opponent is already wary of him and is being defensive and he just has to be a little smart there and look for the empty places in the other areas.

If four fielders are in charge of looking after the region from the short third man to the cover point, the sweeper cover might not be there or there might be a big space somewhere on the leg side through which the ball can be sent to the boundary hoardings with a percentage shot.

Maxwell is blessed with a full batting game to utilize any empty area available. No shot is out of his reach to execute. It’s just that he has to see what the opponent is setting him up to do and then, not to play into their hands, but, to play safe Cricket as long as the team is in command in regards to that particular game.

Jackson Bird says his bowling philosophy so far in his career

Jackson Bird says his bowling philosophy so far in his career has been pretty simple and that is to try and land the ball in the right areas without worrying about getting the wickets and he will not do any different in New Zealand.

Because of his ability to seam the ball in helpful conditions, the Australian selectors have named Bird in the test squad for the coming New Zealand series.

If Bird gets into the playing XI, which is likely, it would be the first time in a couple of years that he would put on his baggy green cap. The previous time he had done so was in England in 2013.

A lot would be expected from him on the New Zealand pitches which traditionally suit his type of bowling, but, according to Bird, it will be very, very important for him to keep his patience and try and do what he has always done rather than to look for the glory balls.

The Tasmanian was quoted as saying, “My bowling has always been about the basics and in my view, that’s the only thing which is required off you as bowler if you are playing in seaming conditions.”

Michael Clarke suffered a tame dismissal on the second day of the ongoing first test

Michael Clarke suffered a tame dismissal on the second day of the ongoing first test match against England.

He, as usual, was in the mood to try and make the spinner get unsettled with the use of feet and he was going about it pretty well.

But, on one occasion, he probably misread the length a little bit and went too close to the ball and thus, did not get the elevation that he wanted.

He ended up only chipping it and an easy catch went into the hands of Moeen Ali.

It was probably the last thing that Clarke and Australia needed at that point of time.

Clarke’s presence there at the crease at the stumps on day 2 would have made Australia’s position that much stronger.

But, not only did the Kangaroos lose him at a bad time, they lost one more wicket after that which put them under real pressure.

Now, they have to have a good couple of sessions tomorrow if they have to make a comeback.

At the moment, England is 166 runs ahead and Australia just has 5 wickets in hands.

However, Shane Watson, who is unbeaten at the moment along with Nathan Lyon, is in good touch, but, he will have to ensure he does not throw his wicket away.

Watson and Haddin will be the key for Australia from here on in.

Michael Clarke is going to make sure neither he nor any of his players show any kind of indiscipline

Michael Clarke is going to make sure neither he nor any of his players show any kind of indiscipline on the pitch in the coming Ashes series, well at least he has promised to do so. But, with Aussies, you never know.

Clarke was involved in an ugly spat with the fast bowler of England, James Anderson, in the Ashes series 2013-14. He had used the abusive language and it was heard clearly by the millions of viewers worldwide.

Clarke was criticized heavily for that and was even punished later on.

And, that was not the only instance of the Aussies sledging in that particular series.

In all the 5 test matches, the English guys had to cope with brutal verbal assault.

But, now, with the governing body of the game, the ICC, making it clear that abuses would not be tolerated at all, Clarke, on the eve of the Cardiff test, talked about the importance of the players staying behind the line as far as the sledging is concerned.

The New South Welshman was quoted as saying, “I think as professional players, it’s very important you have some respect for the opposition. Playing hard is not a bad thing, but, you must be fair in what you do.”